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 Disposable plastic glassware is included in all standard bar packages; however for some events clients prefer to upgrade to glassware. We have designated this section with those clients in mind. 

  All glassware can be rented out for $0.25 a glass. To keep our prices so affordable for you, we do require a $50.00 deposit which is returned to you prior to our departure, given that of our ALL glassware is returned and undamaged.

Beer Pong table for rent as well. The rental fee for beer pong is $75.00 for the duration of the event. I require a $50.00 deposit on this as well to be returned to you at the close of your event.* 

*Given that the table is returned the way is was rented. Normal wear and tear is expected.

I will throw in the LED Beer Tower as a perk for renting the beer pong table. It is an illuminating beer tube with LED lights inside the tube. It looks as the picture shows with strobe lights for effects. To Rent out the Illuminating Beer towers without a beer pong rental, the price is $45 per tower for the evening. 

Chocolate Fountain for rent for $10.00 for the duration. A $30.00 deposit is required and returned upon close of the event provided fountain is undamaged.*







If you'd like a server for your event....we've got that too! Prices will vary upon duration, location, and number of guests.







Need a poker dealer?? Ask me for rates and availability.  


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