While Flair on the Fly has thoroughly enjoyed posting snippets of our growth and success over the past year... We have simply grown to busy to continue blogging. In 2013, Flair on the Fly expanded to 2 locations in Missouri (Columbia and Washington, MO), we continue to serve the states of Missouri and Kansas, we purchased a bar in Washington, MO (the bar name is The Twisted Fish) and employee approximately 30 bartenders across the state. Thank you for your continued support, and feel free to contact us for references. Over the 2014 year we continued to successfully run the bar and serve clients abroad. Some of our clients include but are not limited to: StorageMart, Parkade Center, MU Campus, Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, and numerous other special clients. We plan to continue expansion again in 2015, and appreciate your continued business and support for all your special event needs.