·       How much notice do you require to properly book an event?

o   This depends on your requirements and our availability. We book our events on a first come, first serve basis, so if you would like to use our services, we strongly recommend you book us as soon as possible. In saying that, if you only need bartending services and we are not booked, we can be ready to go within a days notice. However, if we will be providing any alcohol at all, we have several permits to apply for and request as much notice as possible. It usually takes a minimum of one week to go through this process; we have gotten this done sooner but we make no guarantees with less than a weeks notice. If you are having a large event that will require a large purchase of alcohol and mixers we ask for as much notice as possible. What if you decide to have an event at the last minute? Please always call us because we can and will do everything in our powers to meet your needs no matter how much notice you are able to give.

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·       Do you require a contract/deposit?

o   We do require both a contract and a deposit. Once you fill out the contract return it with your deposit and your event is booked. As for the deposit, we require a minimum of $50 or twenty percent deposit to reserve your day. So, If your bill is $100 your deposit will be $50, but if your bill is $1,000 your deposit will be $200.

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·       How much does it cost to rent a bartender?

o   This is not s simple question to answer. However, we do try to keep our rates as low as possible by offering you the discounts we receive from our suppliers, as well as not charging for all the things required to do our job. We quote each event based on these criteria:

§  how many guests will be attending the event

§  how far your event is from our headquarters (Columbia, MO)

§  how many hours for which you will need our services

§  if it is an open bar, cash bar, limited bar

§  if you want any party enhancements such as beer pong tables, poker tops, glassware vs plastic, etc.

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·       Are your bartenders certified?

o   All of our bartenders are ATC Safe Serve Certified. This is the only certification we require; however, we do have a few bartenders with other certificates related to their profession. Should you need a copy of their certification, or need a different form of certification, please let us know two weeks before your event.

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·       What is Alcohol & Tobacco Control (ATC) Server/Bartender Safe Serve Certification?

o   It is a certification provided by and recognized in the State of Missouri that teaches how to spot fake I.D.s, how to monitor and enforce safe alcohol consumption, as well as how to handle other various situations that may arise during your event. 

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·       Can you provide the alcohol for my event?

o   ABSOLUTELY!! We have a Missouri Liquor License which gives us permission to purchase alcohol from a wholesaler (better deals for you than retail prices), transport the alcohol to your event, sell the alcohol to your guests per drink (cash bar), and/or sell you the product to which you can then offer to your guests at no charge to them (open bar).

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·       Can there be guests under the age of 21?

o   Yes, you can have guests at your event under the age of 21; however, we absolutely will not serve alcohol to any one under age. If we are supplying the drinks, we also try to accommodate all guests with a variety of juices, waters, and sodas. We also have a full menu of virgin drinks available if your party will predominantly consist of guests under the legal drinking age such as a high-school graduation.

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·       Can you supply cash bar services to any event?

o   Upon approval from your venue (it is your responsibility to find out what bar services are allowed) and City (we handle this), yes, we can provide cash bar services to any event in Missouri.

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·       Can I supply alcohol to my own event and sell tickets at the door to recoup my expenses?

o   In no way are you allowed to sell tickets, charge cover/door fees, or in any way make money or recoup monies spent unless you have a liquor license. Some clients think that if they are just charging enough to cover their expenses then they are not “making money”; however, the state views this differently…you will go to jail so please do not do this. The best way to avoid these extra expenses and/or criminal charges is to hire us for a cash-bar service. This gives you the ability to have all the alcohol you would like at your party while only having to pay for the bartending services. Then your guests will pay per drink as they would in any other bar.

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·       How old do you have to be rent a bartender?

o   You must be at least 18 as we do require a contract to be signed for your services. If you are under 21, we can offer cash bar services, but absolutely no one under 21 will be served. An open bar package would constitute as selling alcohol upfront to a minor and that is illegal…sorry.

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·       Do you serve alcohol to guests under the age of 21?

o   Surprisingly, we still get this question a lot. NO, we do not, will not, and can not serve/sell/give alcohol to any person under the age of 21 regardless of the circumstances, who books or pays for the event, or any other reason you think they are entitled to drink. We do not make the rules, but we strictly adhere to and enforce them.

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·       Why do you have a Missouri State Liquor License…is it really needed?

o   This is a question that some of our competitors will try to deceive you with so read carefully. Legally speaking, a “bartending service” does not need a liquor license, but without one, they can only deliver the alcohol you purchase at full-retail prices. If they offer any other services that equates to selling alcohol, such as charging you a “per person” price for you event while supplying alcohol, please make sure that they have a valid liquor license. Many companies will deceive you by saying they are “fully licensed”, but what they should be saying is that they have a business license…this is not the same as a liquor license, so ask to see their liquor license in order to avoid criminal charges. Otherwise, you may be allowing “bootlegging” at your event. Bootlegging is a felony offense with up to $250,000 fines and up to a 30 year prison sentence!!

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·       What are the benefits of having a Missouri State Liquor License?

o   We can purchase at wholesale prices vs. retail prices

o   We can offer cash bar services

§  This means you do not have to supply/purchase the liquor for your event and thus will not be left with all of the leftovers either

o   Many bigger companies require one even if it is not necessary

o   It give us the ability to offer you a package at almost any budget

o   It gives us credibility…the state asks for EVERYTHING!! They require a background check for every city within the State of Missouri, finger prints, no criminal record, no liquor violations, health inspections, liquor liability insurance…let’s just say that we were barely able to keep our first born child.

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·       What is flair bartending?

o   The practice of bartenders entertaining guests, clientele or audiences with the manipulation of bar tools (e.g. cocktail shakers) and liquor bottles in tricky, dazzling ways. Used occasionally in cocktail bars, the action requires skills commonly associated with jugglers. It has become a sought-after talent among venue owners and marketers to help advertise a liquor product or the opening of a bar establishment. Competitions have been sponsored by liquor brands to attract flair bartenders, and some hospitality training companies hold courses to teach flair techniques.

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·       Are all of your bartenders “flair bartenders”?

o   No, though we do have flair bartenders employed for specific events, we do not send one to every event. If you are solely interested in having a flair bartender, make sure you give us enough booking time to ensure one will be available. Keep in mind that flair bartending takes up a lot of space, requires adequate lighting and slows down your service (the show is worth the wait but obviously is a little slower on guest turnover rates). So, if you do require these services, please ensure that you leave our bartender enough room, light, and time to show off his/her skills. The other thing to keep in mind is breakage…though they do not happen often, bottles do break. We do not practice new throws at your event, so we will not try moves that we are not fully competent with but accidents do still happen. We will clean all of this up, but if you supply the alcohol or purchase your alcohol from us and the flair bartender drops your bottle…please understand that we will not replace the bottle and more importantly, be sympathetic and applaud their efforts.

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·       What kind of licenses, permits, and insurance do you have?

o   Boone County Missouri Liquor License

o   Missouri State Sunday Liquor License

o   Columbia Missouri Sunday Liquor License

o   Columbia Missouri Liquor License

o   Missouri State Liquor License

o   Retail License

o   Merchant License

o   LLC License

o   Independence Missouri Business License

o   Blue Springs Missouri Business License

o   Columbia Missouri Business License

o   Auxvasse Missouri Business License

o   Caterers Permit for every job we do that requires more than just bartending services

o   Health Permit

o   D.B.A. Permit

o   General Liability Insurance (on and off premise)

o   Liquor Liability Insurance ($1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate)

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·       Do your poker dealers have professional experience?

o   Yes, we have three poker dealers that have all worked at large casinos in the State of Missouri

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·       Can we gamble at our event?

o   No, we do not have a Missouri Gambling, Gaming, or Casino License to allow gambling at an event when we supply the dealers. You may contact the Missouri Gaming Commission for more information.

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