Why should you choose Flair on the Fly Professional Bartending Services over other mobile bartending companies? 

While many mobile bartending companies may offer you a "liquor delivery service", they fail to mention what they cannot provide you that we can. What they do not tell you is that you pay full retail prices (go to your local liquor store…those prices); they will entice you by saying you will be eligible for their "preferred customer discounts", then they increase their fees for the delivery. Now, where did your discount go? In addition to that, what do you think happens to the opened, but not emptied bottles. Think you are not paying for that whole bottle and getting stuck with the leftovers?!? 

We are fully liquor licensed (you may request to see a copy), which means we get the same alcohol at wholesale prices. This is a savings that we then pass on to you!! Since we are able to purchase our alcohol as reasonably as we do, we do not have to "up-sell" every other item that is required to do OUR job just to tap your wallet dry. We neither charge you for the bar you probably do not have, nor do we charge you for the utensils (shakers, strainers, pour spouts, jiggers, beverage napkins, fruit garnishes, beer tubs, coolers, etc.). Why you may ask…easy, because that is what WE need to do OUR job. 

Now, we do have extra items that you can rent to "enhance" your party like LED beer towers, beer pong tables, poker accessories, professional glassware, etc., but no charge for what is required to do the job you have already hired us to do. 

Now, what is another important thing we can offer you that they cannot, we can work within almost any budget. How...again, we have a liquor license to SELL ALCOHOL PER DRINK. This means we can offer you a "cash bar" for a very reasonable price. 

Call (314) 568-0191 or click here for the best bartending prices and services in Missouri!! 

**** I would also like to warn you, regardless of which company you choose, there are some companies out there that portray to innocent consumers that they are "fully licensed and insured". This DOES NOT mean that they are LIQUOR LICENSED, and as such, are not authorized to sell you ANY liquor package....this includes selling it to you "per person!!" Any company that claims they can meet your request to supply alcohol to you MUST have a liquor license. Please protect your event from being shut down by Missouri Liquor Control. Do yourself a favor and ask to see that liquor license!


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